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Donald Trump's 'I won't back down' mantra was shown as another shallow promise, this time by new London Major Sadiq Khan. Sadiq Khan won the London mayoral election last week. New to the office he suggested that as a Muslim, he better interact with his US counterparts soon because if Trump won the US election he wouldn't be able to enter the US. Trump first said he would allow an exception for Khan, then when further challenged, changed his stance altogether, and said that his policy was just a 'suggestion'
People are voting for Trump on policies he makes up on the fly. Far from being strong, the moment these policies come under any scrutiny, they're abandoned. Far from being strong, if he can't stand up against a newly elected mayor how will he stand up against Russia, China or Germany. Trump is a marketeer, a salesman who speaks the words his customers want to hear, without any idea of how or if he can deliver what he promises. A vote for Trump is a vote for empty promises.
A lot of my friends in the UK really like Kahn, and I think he looks like a good guy, definitely better than any of the Torrey candidates
@Straightshooter Ok - can of worms open. Your points 1 and 2 are the same... that Trump never suggested it was ALL muslims....take this 'Total and complete shutdown' seem pretty definitive words to me. In case you want full context... Since then he has softened this first to 'some' and now it's just a 'suggestion' The substance of my card... As for Mr Khan, he was a human rights lawyer, he is not for death penalty or sharia law. I have shared a stage with Chris Brown, that doesn't make me someone who agrees with domestic violence. It proves nothing. When Trump congratulated Khan, what he did was suggest he would make an exception to his ban on Muslims for Mr Khan (surely if he's as dangerous as you suggest this would be irresponsible @straightshooter) in a pretty condecending way, we'll let you in as a 'special favour' - hardly sincere. If you want me to dig out Trump footage of that I can too... So, want to try again with some other points?
@Animaniafreak Hail away fine punk Santa
I think normal intelligent people can see through trump's empty promises, but there are a lot of desperate people and desperation clouds their judgement. I've met a few avid trump supporters on vingle, maybe they'll have some interesting insight to this? shall we hail one over?
congrats to mr.khan as a first muslim to be elected as a mayor in London .
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