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Donald Trump's 'I won't back down' mantra was shown as another shallow promise, this time by new London Major Sadiq Khan. Sadiq Khan won the London mayoral election last week. New to the office he suggested that as a Muslim, he better interact with his US counterparts soon because if Trump won the US election he wouldn't be able to enter the US. Trump first said he would allow an exception for Khan, then when further challenged, changed his stance altogether, and said that his policy was just a 'suggestion'
People are voting for Trump on policies he makes up on the fly. Far from being strong, the moment these policies come under any scrutiny, they're abandoned. Far from being strong, if he can't stand up against a newly elected mayor how will he stand up against Russia, China or Germany. Trump is a marketeer, a salesman who speaks the words his customers want to hear, without any idea of how or if he can deliver what he promises. A vote for Trump is a vote for empty promises.
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And if I sound irked then I apologize but its because im am irked and rightly so. I always see everyone demonize Trump for what he has said without looking as to WHY he has said what he has said. Its complete bs. I meam we all bitch about the large size of goverment but then we elect establishment canidates or socialist canidates who have always increased the size of goverment that we are now bitching about. Woodrow Wilsson, FDR, Lyndon B . Johnson and now Barack Obama. Theyve all done it. And there not the only ones who have done it but their the best examples of such large government take overs of parts of our lives.
@Straightshooter I have, in my response above, attached the YouTube clip where your persecuted candidate announced his policy. Not once does he suggest anything other than a 'total and complete ban on all Muslims' applies only to refugees. I am happy for you to listen to the 4 and a half minutes as I have several times and tell me at what point he suggests this policy is only for refugees. He doesn't. Why would Mr Khan need an 'exception' to visit the US (which were Trump's words) if the policy only applied to refugees? I understand you back your candidate, but what is so irksome and offensive about Trump, and his supporters it seems, is that they try and lie, change stories and spread misinformation to win debates.
LMFAO Yea I watched your clip, the clip that took place on December the 8th, less then a month after the Paris attacks that left over 129 people dead and just a week before another incident happened in london where a refugee stabbed 3 people while shouting islamic praise. Yea I know all about this footage. Cause this was all people at that time were talking about was whether or not it was safe to let these people into our country after seeing what only a handful did in paris. So yes in that sense he was talking about takin in muslims from the middle east as all the other canidates were doing as well. It pisses me off when people such as yourself have such short attention spans as to for got what had just happened less than a month prior when the world was still very much heated so that you share stories such as this demonizing those who do not align themselves politically with your view of the world. And Mr. Trump is right to do so should he become president god willing. After all Carter did it and it kept us safe turn a time of unrest but you still wont acknowledge that pesky little fact because then there goes your whole argument that he's an "evil bigot" which is the only thing liberals seem to have as there inly argument. Thats what irks me. So yea he never once mentioned the middle east and refugees but thats because he didnt have to because unlike what a sound bite doesnt show is that that is what EVERYONE knew he was talking about. So no YOU need to stop twisting the facts for the sake of your arguments. Because none of the questions I have posed to you have been answered.
straightshooter you typed lots of words without substance, your logic kind go all over the place, it's hard to pick a point and discuss it with you because you just bounce onto to something else. And seriously no one is demonizing Trump, he's doing that pretty well on his own. you are irked and so am I, I'm sick of people trying to find excuses and explanations for trump's random outbursts. Trump sounds exactly how he's portrayed through social media, vulgar and insincere, and seeing people jumping hoops going through lengthy explanation trying to justify his behaviour bemuses me. Who knows, maybe that's true love, defend even when nothing makes sense lol Again I'm not trying to demonizing trump, I was just curious what would a supporter say in an open& shut case like this, and as I expected, you've twisted to justify his words, like he didn't meanv this.... he actually mean that.... wow! a politician like him, not to mention a seasoned businessman can't express himself and need his electorate to read his mind? There are just so many things that don't add up for him. I know I know, you'll come up more wondrous words to say, go ahead I can't stop you, but if it's the same routine probably won't have the patience to read through again.
Nope Im done arguing. I explained myself 3 times that people need to look at what he's said in context as to what was taking place in that time. Im sorry that big lenghty responses are just so confusing to people such as yourself. But im not gonna waste anymore of my precious time here. My point is simple. Hillary belongs in Jail. Bernie is a socialist, and we all know that history shows that socialists have always increased the size of government we are bitching about today. And that leaves only Trump. You may not like him and frankly I dont care, but he's clearly a better choice than a women who belongs in prison and man who only wants to make life harder by giving us even more bigger government. So I'll leave it at that. I know how much people on the left just hate those pesky facts.