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This story started out as a seemingly tough fight for a arranged romance engagement and turned me inside out with its ending!! Constant twists and turns in this anime for sure NAKAMA!! Rated: 6.73/10 My Rating: 7/10 Synopsis- On his way to school, Junichi Nagase saves a girl from danger. Later, due to a misunderstanding, he kisses her. Shocked and disgusted, and without understanding what just happened or why, she screams at him and tells him to "just die!" As it turns out, the girl, Yuuhi Katagiri, is a new transfer student and, much to the surprise of Junichi and his younger sister Minato, their father arranged for Yuuhi to be Junichi's future wife! Of course, getting married to "that perverted idiot" is the absolute last thing Yuuhi wants! Junichi's crazy school life with his tsundere bride-apparent has begun! (Source: Animesuki, edited) Although it may have a different ending and may be due to its lower rating as well as some other quirky parts but it's still a great romance watch. Add it to the list NAKAMA!! Anime is life