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Hungry for a title after missing this past season. Can't wait to see him dominate again
@johnlee i think everyone was surprised that the Bulls played as well as they did, even in the playoffs against the Heat. there was no way the Heat was going to lose that series though so it would have been pointless to bring him back early. @nshen I agree, his ability to get to the basket rivals the best in the game. He actually hurt his knee (Kobe tore his achilles). Either way not an easy thing to come back from
He was best known for some crazy penetration skills though. But due to his Achilles injury, I doubt he will be as good as he was in 2010.
I agree with you that he made the right decision. But I also I didn't expect them to make the playoffs! I thought he should sit out so they could get a lottery pick but that didn't happen...
yea, good point. he probably developed a few of his skills sitting out. I think it was a smart decision of his to sit out the entire year, what do you think?
Hope he returns stronger than ever. Wonder if he is crazy at shooting 3's now?