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I love when sports take a major stance on veterans and honor those who have served our country.

And this week, the Boston Red Sox welcomed Ben Sofka, a World War II veteran, to Fenway Park to celebrate his...

100th birthday!

He got one of the best seats in the house - the seat along the third base line! And great seats wasn't the only thing he got during the game. He received a very special gift from the ballgirl...
He received a foul ball caught by the ballgirl and got a standing O from all the Red Sox fans present at the game!

Now that's one special birthday for Ben! Hope he had a fantastic day and once again, thank you for your service.

And the Red Sox did its part on the field to cruise past the Oakland A's to a 13-5 victory!

Must have been a great night for Boston!

Thank you!
Glad to see baseball take great part in these kinds of things.
Thank you for your services
Good to see the ballgirl give the ball to the veteran!