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This story is so full of fluff; it's just too adorable. Enjoy! :)
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Hoseok shrugged his jacket off and released a sigh, the tiredness of the day was like heavy weight on his shoulders, this had been one of those days in which even a person as cheerful as him would tag it as a bad one. Work had been as stressful as it could be, everyone was arguing with everyone because the choreography was just a little difficult in Hoseok鈥檚 opinion but Yoongi and Namjoon completely disagreed with him, which led to a big amount of time talking about it, then explaining them the steps which only resulted in Jin and Taehyung getting lost again, tripping against each other.
Jimin hadn鈥檛 been helpful, his usual fluffy friend was particularly moody and cranky, doing nothing to ease out the increasing tension on the members. Jungkook was being a brat like most of the days, but today he was on another level, one that would even make Yoongi proud if only he hadn鈥檛 talked back to Yoongi himself; that ended bad to say the least, Yoongi snapped back and that caused a bigger discussion between all the other members.
Hoseok being the kind soul he knew he was, tried to intervene before Taehyung and Jimin started throwing punches at each other, but at his back Jin and Namjoon had chosen sides and were now bickering about how stubborn Yoongi was or how disrespectful Jungkook could be, all that while Jungkook and Yoongi competed in who could be more snarky; Hoseok tried to put a stop to everything, his voice firm but soothing, he was sure he could calm them down but he was wrong. At the end all of them turned to glare or snap back at him to mind his own business.
Hoseok was nearly in tears so he decided to save his pride and went out of the room.
The rest of the day had consisted in a mess of awkward and remorseful interactions, everyone was grumpy, not wanting to really collaborate with each other, so the manager decided it was best to call it a day a little earlier than usual.
Hoseok was drained, both physically and mentally. He hated to fight with the members or when they fought with each other but he also he knew it was something inevitable, sometimes they just had bad days and this was just one of them. He walked towards to kitchen to pour himself a glass of water, when he was about to pour the second one he smelled something.
It was a nice aroma, clean, not too sweet but like those kinds of things you can only smell in spas, then the thought of you came to his mind, he hadn鈥檛 checked if you were already home.
Feeling guilty for forgetting to greet you first, he rushed to your bedroom.
-Y/N?- he called you as he frowned, you weren鈥檛 around. But then he saw the light of the bathroom on, curiosity got him and the nice smell intensified. -Jagiya?-
Hoseok opened the door and there you were, wearing your fancy bath rob. You were kneeling next to the tub blending something into the water. -Babe, I didn鈥檛 hear you-
You smiled, instantly getting up to go and hug him. Hoseok embraced you lovingly. -Jagi, I鈥檓 so glad I鈥檓 home- he said with a little whiny voice.
You rested your chin on his chest, looking up at him while hugging his middle. -Rough day?-
He leaned a bit to peck your lips. -You have no idea-
You smiled, pecking him back. -Good thing I was preparing this for you- you waved your hand towards the tub, showing him what you had prepared.
Hoseok looked around the bathroom, you had turned the room into a mini spa. The tub was already prepared, he could see the water warm because of the steam it produced, you had thrown in a bath bomb or something of that sort because there were flower petals and bubbles floating on the surface of the water. The rest of the room was well acclimated too, there were aromatic candles located on specific places to cast just the right amount of light and shadows.
A smile bloomed on his lips and he looked at you amazed. -Jagi, this is so nice, how did you know I needed this?-
You shrugged. -A hunch- He placed a kiss on your forehead, your hands went to his shirt to grab his attention. -Let鈥檚 get you undressed- you said teasingly.
Hoseok smiled with delight, he let his head fall back and extended his arms like he was handing himself to you. -How could I refuse?-
You giggled, your boyfriend was always so greasy but you loved him just the way he was.
Hoseok let you undress him, it was nothing dirty, you just wanted to get him to relax and disconnect of the troubles from outside, he could say you were already succeeding. When he was fully naked you helped him into the tub. Hoseok felt grateful for the warm temperature of the water, his muscles needed the heat to ease out all the tension.
-Oh jagi, this feels like heaven, do you know heaven?-
You let out a little laugh and started to wet his shoulders, caressing them in the process. -I鈥檓 not sure-
Hoseok sighed contentedly. -Well, this is heaven-
You laughed and made him rest his back against the tub, Hoseok heard you opening a bottle, then he felt your hands again on shoulders, just that now they were spreading some kind of oil onto his skin, it smelled like jasmine, you were rubbing soothing circles with your fingertips. -Do you like it?- you asked softly.
Hoseok nodded, melting under your touch and the magic your fingers were working on him. -God Y/N, I love it-
-I鈥檓 glad, just relax and enjoy-
Hoseok let himself go, now all his worries seemed to be far away. He concentrated in the moment, your hands on his shoulders going up to his neck and retrieving back applying just the right amount of pressure, that combined with the bath you prepared was working wonders. You were always so thoughtful towards him, always caring for his well being; your presence was reassuring to him, it was calm, he felt so serene around you, like nothing could bother him. Being with you was the best choice he had made, you made him feel complete, with you around Hoseok knew he could do anything.
He had his eyes closed, just humming and smiling softly under your touch, but then he opened them, now stretching his neck a little bit more so he could stare at you, when you realized you were being watched you smiled. -Jagi?-
-Tell me Hobi-
He smiled wider, his dimples showing. -Did you know that I love you?-
Your movements stopped for a second and then you did a surprised noise with a matching facial expression. -Do you love me?-
Hoseok giggled, lifting his arm so he could caress your cheek tenderly. -Didn鈥檛 you know?-
-No- you said huffing, pouting your lips cutely. -Because you鈥檝e never told me-
He laughed again because you both knew that was a terrible lie, but you were having fun so he went along with it. -Well, now I鈥檓 telling you-
-If you love me then tell me how much?-
Hoseok moved to turn around so he could face you. -I love you to Incheon Airport and back-
You gasped. -Seriously? That鈥檚 so little! I thought you loved me- you whined faking tears.
He laughed louder this time, he approached you, getting on his knees so he could take you head between his palms. -Y/N- he pecked you. -I love you- he pecked again. -Like one loves something they can鈥檛 live without- he kissed you, the touch longer this time. - I love you so much, it can鈥檛 be measured-
You practically melted in his hands, now going for another kiss. -I love you so much Hoseok-
You kissed for a while, but it was soft and slow, a sensual kiss of just lips and light caresses. Then you felt his hands on your waist and the next second he was pulling you inside the tub with him.
You squealed loudly and Hoseok laughed and screamed with you, his hands tight around your waist to keep you in place. -I was wrong before, now this is heaven-
You smiled. -Pabo Hobi- you muttered, leaning in for another kiss.


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Lol.. Aww hobi.. It's so fluffy.. I can't wait for RM..
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