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I said maybe two and so I think having a Hoseok fluff twice in one day is wonderful. :)

Vote for Tomm though...unless you want me to choose :P

OH. This tumblr acc has become ne of my favorites. The stories are fluffy, so check it out some time.. :)
Missed Out?
-I’m only going for the parades- Hoseok stated.
You giggled, taking a spoonful of your ice cream. -If you don’t want to go then you can say no- you offered innocently. -I mean, I could always ask Taehyung to come with me-
Hoseok squinted his eyes and pointed at you with his own spoon. -Never, I’m the one going-
You smiled triumphally. -Are you sure? I know he would love to come- you pushed, stretching on the word “love”.
He whined. -I’m sure, stop with the threats, you and I are the only ones going on this date-
You blowed a kiss at him making him smile, he did as he was catching the kiss, smirking. Since you started dating you two always did that little act, which always had the effect of bright smiles on your faces.
Your uncle had gave you two special tickets for the amusement park, and of course your first thoughts were of having a fun date with Hoseok, go around the park and just enjoy being silly with each other. But there was this tiny detail you were forgetting about, and that was the fact that Hoseok was dead scared of roller coasters and other extreme rides, so he got a bit anxious when you told him about going to the amusement park and started to say he was only going for the parades.
You knew he was going just to make you happy, so that alone made you feel loved and cared for, you knew how scared he could be just looking at the roller coasters.
-We will have so much fun-
Hoseok sighed, not so sure about that.-Yeah, I hope so- he said, practically cringing inside.
When the ever so awaited day of going to the amusement park came, you were beyond excited, though you were still unsure of how Hoseok was feeling about all this so you thought to yourself that you would take it easy on him.
You had worn a denim jumper with a girly aquamarine blouse and cream converse, all your outfit thought to be comfortable and still look good. Hoseok was dressed comfortable too and you entered the park hand in hand, the weather was nice and warm, the sun shining high and instantly the laughs and overall joy of the rest of the people around you reached your ears. You did a little jump and turned towards your boyfriend.
-Oh Hobi thank you so much for coming with me! - you smiled widely and Hoseok replied with a smile of his own.
-Yeah, well, it would be a shame to let the tickets go to waste-
You strolled around the park for a little bit, taking account of the rides and you felt you were bouncing every here and then, Hoseok seemed a little more relaxed now that you were paying attention, maybe your excitement and the cheerfulness of the place got a hold on him.
-That one looks nice enough- you turned your eyes to the ride he was signaling to and you had to refrain yourself for bursting in laughs out loud.
Hoseok’s eyes were caught by no less than “The Love Tunnel”, a peaceful little lake where tiny red boats carried couples in the water through a dimly lit tunnel that had love advises and some privacy inside the park for the love birds around. It was peaceful and completely undangerous, so of course Hoseok would go for that one first and you knew you were inexorably giving in when you stood on your tiptoes and pecked his lips.
-Yes, it looks nice enough - you gave him a mellow smile and tugged at his hand to go towards the ride.
Once on the boat, Hoseok leaned back and put an arm around your shoulders, pulling you closer to his side so he could snuggle his face against your neck. -Oh this park is so nice - he said joyfully against your skin and you giggled, part because he was tickling your neck and part because he was being so cute since he arrived. You pulled his face up and kissed him softly.
-These boats are really comfy - you said and Hoseok smiled wickedly.
-If you sit here - he said motioning to his lap. -It would be comfier -
You couldn’t help but laugh to his words. -Don’t push your luck - you said, moving to lean your head on his shoulder.
Through the ride Hoseok’s hand was playing with your hair, he was also stealing little pecks from you. The inside of the tunnel was dim and every boat was some minutes apart from each other, you were reading the cute love signs shining in the dark and giggling with Hoseok because of how cheesy some of them were even though he would still lean close to your ear and whisper those same messages to you in his deep voice.
When your reached the final of the tunnel the boat was slowly coming to a stop, Hoseok was the first one stepping down and instantly offering his hand for you to do the same.
-I think that this one might be my favorite ride -
Hoseok said and you surrounded his neck with your arms, giving him a hug and a peck on his cheek.
-Well, it’s good to hear that, but this isn’t the only ride we are enjoying today- you winked at him and dragged Hoseok with you once again.
You went on other rides after that one, enjoying and having fun of each other. Each of the rides you went were peaceful, safe and calm, nothing extreme on the slightest. You couldn’t say you didn’t enjoy them but there was an especial one that was calling your soul, you knew it, Hoseok knew it, and when you walked in front of it you knew you couldn’t leave that park without riding it.
-Just once? - you asked Hoseok with your best smile, signaling to the roller coaster. -Please babe-
Hoseok was looking up at the roller coaster that seemed like the recipe for death and looked back at you, skin a little paler than before.
-Alright, alright - he gave you a smile that seemed a little tight. -But just once! -
You laughed and couldn’t hide your excitement. -Let’s go -
You waited on the line until you could take a seat and dragged Hoseok towards one of the first rows. Your belts were secured and you could hear the ride coming to life again, starting to move slowly, you peered to the side. Hoseok was looking firmly to the front, clearly scared but he didn’t back off, so you wrapped his hand with yours and gave it a squeeze.
-I got you Hobi - you tried to cheer him up, since he was doing this for you that was the least you could do for him too.
He nodded, looking at you with a tiny smile, you didn’t even try to force words out of him but held his hand stronger.
By the first fall that dropped down the cart fastly, both of you were screaming, maybe for different reasons but the important thing was that you were together screaming like crazy and Hoseok’s hand was holding yours just as strongly.
There were curves after curves, screams flooding your ears and arms thrown over heads with joy. Hoseok had his eyes closed and his hand still linked with yours, so at the third fall you took a deep breath and screamed at the top of your lungs.
-Hoseok I love you! -
His eyes opened widely and for the first moment of the ride he smiled, his eyes on yours even though part of your hair was falling over them and flying wildly around your head.
-Y/N I love you - he screamed right after you on the middle of the fall and pulled your linked hands over your heads.
-So, how was it? - you asked Hoseok once you were walking away from the rollercoaster.
He smiled lightly, relieved to be walking away in all honesty. -I still like the love tunnel the most -
Both of you laughed and continued your walk, now you were going to see the parade.
You didn’t get to stand that close to it, but you still admired the costumes, the amazing attires and makeup styles, it was a fantasy for the eyes, it made you smile like a child. Hoseok felt the same, he was holding your hand and with the other he pointed at the costumes he found more dazzling. The fireworks came in, exploding on the sky in a feast of colors. He pulled you closer and gave you a sweet smile which you corresponded.
-I think I found my favorite part now- he confessed before joining your lips.


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@sarahdarwish 😭 😭 I dont think my heart could handle bts angst... those always tear my heart up 😣 such a cute story... im like Hobi, not a fan of amusement parks 🙈🙈😔
Im so sorry. I think I'll decide against it :X @mrsjeon
YAS ANYTIME XD and shit OTL ima be crying for a whole day when I binge read ur angst week :3 I shall call it my emo day GOT ME MESSED UP @sarahdarwish
OMO 😂 Thank you for binge reading it all. I'm guessing I should start an angst week soon 😏 @mrsjeon
I'm glad I waited to like binge read your ffs bc I'm just dying xD
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