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Hey guys

Recently there was a statement released about jungkook but Big Hit saying that he will not take part in promotions starting today (and lasting for a few days) because he got sick with a bad flu. Here is the statement.
Later on today Big Hit released another message saying : "While on the 11th, Jungkook was diagnosed with the flu during his 1st examination at an ENT, at a 2nd examination that night through a college-affiliated hospital, we were informed that the flu was a false diagnosis. His high fever was due to the beginning stages of acute tonsillitis, and after receiving appropriate treatment and taking rest, Jungkook has regained his normal health condition. As a result, we notify that Jungkook will participate in all BTS activities related to the special album including music shows and fan sign events as of the 12th. Thanks to all the fans who sent encouragements for Jungkook's recovery." We hope Jungkook is feeling well and gets some needed rest!

What do you guys think about this? Is he really okay to continue working or should he take some time off to recover? Did he actually have the flu or not? Should Big Hit let him recover??

i just hope he rests as much as he needs no matter what he had, poor baby
@CreeTheOtaku yeah. That's what it says in the link I posted. 馃憣馃徏
No flu. Just tonsillitis
he iszzzz back nd BTS had their first win with fire today soooooooooo awesome Yayyyyy馃榿馃槡馃槉馃槉馃槡馃槡馃槡馃槞馃槞馃槏馃槝馃槝
but he got treated
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