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I Must confess something... Out of all girls in To Love-Ru Two Characters have really stole my heart. I know Lala will always be my main Shipping Character with Rito, but that's another card for future!! Today I'm going to Show you another one of my Ultimate Waifus in Harem Madness!! INTRODUCING WAIFU #26 Konjiki No Yami (Golden Darkness) from To Love-Ru Darkness!!!!!
Yami was a lonely assassin who was initially hired by one of Lala previous Suitors named Lacospo, to kill Yuuki Rito. The Assassination attempt failed at the end and Lacospo later annuls the job, but Yami however decides to carry out her mission of Killing Rito to the end, but she is usually thwarted by Lala and or her Lala's sister Momo. As She began spending more time on Earth, She end up building a very strong relationship with Rito's mature younger sister Mikan and even Rito, to whom she has seemed to develop feelings for later on in the Anime/ Manga. The only two people who seem to have noticed her feelings Rito are Tearju (Her Creator/Mother figure) and Princess Momo (Lala's younger sister).
Yami has long flowing blonde hair, Crimson-red eyes and a very petite figure. Her 3 sizes are B75-W52-H77. Although it should be noted Yami can change her appearance to look older with her transformation ability, She chose her more petite form due to the fact that she is the most comfortable in combat in this form. This is seen in both the Manga and the OVA's where she wonders whether or not having larger breasts and a more mature body would affect her balance any. Also many of the female characters in the show have made several note about her thighs in a few points in the Manga---- mostly by the principal, who makes the remark when they first meet. Of course, this was all before they were pummeled by Yami-chan herself. She's also additionally famous for her All-black Gothic style leather signature outfit. Her outfit has a star shaped gap in the the middle of the chest. It features two waist belts, Five leg belts on both of her legs and two sleeves that attach to her upper arms via belt. Another notable aspect of her appearance are her silver and black hair clips on each side of her head give her a Neko like appearance, possibly paying homage to the illustrator Kentaro Yabuki's earlier work in, "Black Cat", which her character design also originated from also. Yes Yami is in fact almost an exact Duplicate of Eve from Black Cat! When Her Darkness is activated her attire has drastically changed. She donned a much more revealing black outfit with red clawed gloves. Also she has to black horns that appear on the top of her head.
Though Yami-chan may seem stoic and emotionless, and a bit withdrawn she is actually very kind, but she will attack people who talk about something she does not like. She also hates perverted people and normally attacks Rito (despite it not being his intention), who by his nature is clumsy nature trips into her and gropes her, and the Principal, whose perverted nature makes him come running to her with almost no clothes whenever he sees her. She also has a weaknesses towards anything slimy and with tentacles. Yami-chan is often seen reading books to understand Earth's culture and learn more about emotions such as love. She had been contracted to kill Rito, but after their initial meeting, she chose to assess him. She also has begun to show small inklings of feelings towards him for not taking advantage of her while affected by Celine's pollen. In To Love-Ru Darkness, Yami-chan's feelings for Rito have been shown quite a few times, but that is normally due to the fact of Rito's kindness he always shows towards her, and because of this she is not sure about her feelings or whether she wants to kill him but she tries to convince herself that he is still in fact her target for Assassination. Strangely enough however Rito is the only person that she has ever opened up to about her origin and about her old life before becoming an assassin, instead of his sister Mikan, which is also something that confuses herself. One time she even looked from behind Rito's back and saw he was holding a book titled "Lovers", further hinting her feelings for him. Yami-chan's favorite snack is Taiyaki. Taiyaki is the first thing She ever ate after coming to earth, which was also given to her by Rito, Shortly before her attempt to Assassinate him. She has stated that ever since she has become an assassin, She has never been able to sleep with a calm mind, due to having to always be on guard, but after an incident when one of Lala's inventions ran amuck and glued their hands together they had to sleep together, and ever since that incident she has appeared to sleep soundly after sleeping right next to Him. Yami wasn't always a Cold and heartless individual. In fact before she became an assassin, Yami was a happy, energetic, cheerful and a playful little child especially around her Creator/Mother Tearju (I'll get to her soon, just be patient), but was left heartbroken when Tearju left and left Yami in the hands of the Organization Eden, which turned her into emotionless person you know today. However as the series progresses she begins to open up more to people and especially Rito, whom she has love/hate feelings to. Ever since Tearju's arrival on Earth, Yami still remains distant towards her, although She still cares for Tearju deeply. The real reason for that was because her life as an assassin and what she became after they last met, Yami herself was afraid of the awkwardness between them, but with some encouragement from Rito and Mea, Yami does try to get closer to the mother figure she once knew a long time ago. Yami is shown to evidently be shy, constantly avoiding mushy moments with Tearju, whom she still feels awkward towards. After her return from her Darkness transformation, Yami-chan's personality displays significant changes, while she is normally her usual self, She now has a stronger Tsundere tendencies, mostly regarding Rito. Meaning she has become more Over-reactive and angry when it comes to Rito. She still tries to deny her feelings towards him.
Now when Yami's Darkness Transformation is activated, Yami-chan's personality seems to change quite drastically. In fact her personality change can be inferred that it becomes the complete opposite of her normal one and becomes hyperactive, perverted, more of a sadist, alot less bothered by slimy things. Her feelings that she normally hides from Rito are laid out so out in the open that it becomes an Ungodly obsession. She still wants to kill Rito all in all but she admits that she is madly in love with the perverted Rito and says that a Rito who is not Ecchi would be like Taiyaki without its red bean paste filling. Also during her Darkness transformation she becomes powerful enough to create Wormholes, is able to manipulate the environment around her, and is more than capable of Destroying planets.
I think after she returned back to normal her personality has become so freaking adorable it's so GODDAMN adorable. It's like she became a completely different Yami-chan. Personally I think it's for the better that she has gotten this far in Character development in both the Manga and in the Anime She's just freaking adorable now I can't even put it into words. I've always had a soft spot for her, and With that She is now Taken by Yours truly!!!! #Yami-Chan #ToLoveRuDarkness #Kinpatsu #Assassin #Waifu #YouCan'tHaveHer #She'sABadass
the kawaii levels are to high