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Not sure how many of you have heard of this but there's a new show on V App called Dance or Band. Two groups called Neoz Dance and Neoz Band are fighting for a spot to debut. Neoz band consist of 4 members, while Neoz Dance consist of 9 members.
Neoz Dance had started with performing an EXO song, which I honestly think they had made to come out perfectly! Neoz Dance has been working really hard. Even though Neoz Band got all the votes at first, Neoz Dance is trying harder to improve and on there two dances they're going to perform!
They're working so hard on perfecting I Need U by BTS.
Neoz Band started of with Butterfly by Jason Mraz. It was a beautiful performance and I congratulate them for it. I can't wait to see how their other cover song they're performing will turn out!
Everyone is able to choose which group they would want to debut, but that's one of the hardest choice for me. They're both amazing, and I hope they both get to debut together. Neoz Dance and Neoz Band, Fighting!!
I haven't watched the show, but I hope they do something similar to YG and have the second group debut later.
how weird! i want to start watching!