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The Assassin's Creed Trailer is Out and It Doesn't Look Terrible

I like to believe that I operate in secret. That I was born in the shadow while Bruce, well, he merely adopted it... or something of that nature. That being said, I've been secretly keeping up with all the Assassin's Creed movie news ever since it was announced. The fact that someone like Steve Jobs/Magneto took on the role was something that perked my ears up a bit.
And there's a small (see: huge) part of me that's hoping that this movie will be the first good video game movie. Video game movies have a bad reputation. And not in the Joan Jett kind of way, more in the "oh man this sucks like for real not in the Joan Jett kind of way" bad reputation. And after watching this trailer... I already know that I'm going to go see it.
And I'll probably try to see it with my brother. Not because I don't like watching movies alone or anything like that more 'cause I'm sure he'll enjoy the experience and the most important life lesson I've ever learned (there aren't many) is that you better spend the time with the people you care about now because tomorrow might be a little too late.
And so the fuck what if that was a cheesy turn to take in this card about Steve Jobs/Magneto being an Assassin from a video game about fake assassins. I don't care. It's an important thing to remember. You've got to keep doing things with people you love because that's all that really matters. In the history of the world, the only thing that matters is how you love and who you love so make sure you love the right people and do it in the right ways.
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I'm definitely taking my nephew to see this. He loves playing Assassins Creed.
looks good but we will find out
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