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Protect Baby Leo from Hyuk
I'm telling you guys don't sympathize with the maknaes of the band...it's the hyungs that get abused....I still can't believe that Hyuk used to be scared of Leo, I think its the other way around now...
I think out of all the members Leo and Hyuk's relationship has come a long way....If the past Hyuk saw how he is now with Leo he might pass out 馃槀
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@XergaB20 If you watch Mydol from when VIXX were still trainees then you'll hear about how Hyuk and Leo didn't get along at first
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I love this!!! they are like brothers who mess with each other, but the younger one is more of a brat.
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@JiyongLeo look at 鞖半Μ 鞎犼赴 getting picked on.
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that's cute both are my bias's in Vixx
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