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I know I still have over a hundred episodes to go in the anime, but they stopped it cuz fans were bored and pissed by the filler. Bleach is the only anime that I have legitamately watched every episode of filler so far and honestly, half the filler episodes fights are better than canon.. I don't get why people bitch. If you truly love and adore an anime, you stick through it all thick and thin. I've heard they are bringing the anime back and I hope they do because even though I'm dying to get back to canon where it's Reapers vs Espadas, I'll watch every episode regardless because the filler in Bleach is fantastic. 馃憣馃徎鉂わ笍馃憦馃徎
Gonna end up making me binge bleach again. I have to say I've never skipped a filler in any anime I've ever watched bc I don't think that it would truly be aired if there wasn't some reason for it even if it's just for the to spare they will still make it into something worth while!! Bleach I don't think had a huge amount of fillers compared to a couple aka naruto but that's kinda why I Love OP so much bc can anything actually be called a filler when it literally is the life of pirate adventurers!! Sure there may be some that weren't storyline based but like bleach doesn't mean that they didn't add more to the story or give us viewers or readers something to strive for and clench our teeth at and get crazy excited or laugh about!! Fillers can def be necessary otherwise many anime will just end to soon and lose purpose on where they had or have a chance to branch off or create new!! I totally will agree I won't skip fillers no matter what anime!! Once I star I don't finish till I've binged it all!! Anime is life!!
people complain about bleach fillers and it gets canceled but naruto can have a filler every three episodes but it people still say it's their favorite
Yes! I love it!!! @OtakuDemon10
Omg I know right??! I love Naruto but it has way too much filler.. Blows my mind Bleach stopped.. @KennethReaves And yea! My point exactly! @Sharia
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