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I have little more free time this week and found a bunch of cool ideas I never thought of before, so I'm sharing this with all of you here!

1. Festival texture!

Summer vacay is right around the corner, so give your hair a festival vibe with this hairstyling technique. Incorporate yarn to add a fun texture and color to your updo.

2. Texture braiding technique.

Here's another way to give your hair more texture. You Switch back and forth between a three-strand-braid and a infinity (fishtail) braid.

3. Mixing color and fun textures.

Besides the pop of color there are lots of texture. If you look closely, it's a mix of 3-strands braids, fishtail braids, and double braids in different size. It must take more than a set of hands to complete this! I can't imagine how much effort it will be to remove the braids.

4. Crimp and bundle.

For fine hair, crimping it will add more volume and grit. For a more dramatic hair for parties, wrap it into a small side bun.

5. Bohemian accent braids.

The beauty of accents braids is it doesn't have to be perfect. Just mix and match because you can't go wrong.
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