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Shopping online can be fun and it is something most of us are guilty of doing on our free time. Here are some of my online shopping tips to get the most out of your bucks.

Look for mid-season and super sales!

I probably shop online for clothes 4x a year (in batch). Usually, it's during mid-season sale and super sales. I am not willing to pay for full priced items if they are going to be on sale later. However, if I see an item I really like and it is going selling out like crazy I will purchase it.

Coupon it up!

Double check coupon sites and your inbox for exclusive promo code before checking out. Chances are you can save 15% or more with your purchase.

Notice trends.

Some sites have a schedule of when they put up sales. Do a little bit of research or get on their email list to find the pattern. Usually, it's before a new batch of clothes arrive or near the end of a season.

Don't fall for the free shipping trap!

Many websites now have an ad for free shopping over a certain amount (usually over $50). Once you start filling up your cart you will see a message that says you only need to spend X amount more to get free shipping. I used to fall into this trap and got something I don't need. Standard shipping is not that expensive, so don't spend $17 to save $5 in shipping costs. It doesn't make sense.

What's your online shopping trick?

@MyAffairWith @jordanhamilton glad you guys found this helpful!
That free shipping thing is so real. Also a lot of beauty bloggers offer coupon codes!
I so needed this card! I need to get my saving underway.
I love these tips!! And I agree about not falling for shipping trap unless if you're really planning on spending that much money.
I have different sites for certain items. & i have given up on buying shirts online because they never go past my boobs!
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