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10000000 is a match-three puzzle game blended with RPG elements. The game puts the player in control of an unnamed adventurer trapped in a dungeon. To escape, the player must earn 10,000,000 points in a single run through the dungeon. While in the dungeon, the character moves forward on their own, facing monsters and collecting treasure, but their progress is set by the player as they slide rows or columns of icons to match three similar ones, generating melee and magic attacks, loot, keys, and other resources. These resources can be used to level up the character, which can impact how the sliding puzzle is played and its results on the dungeon run. 10000000 feels like a perfect mobile game. It has the RPG elements you crave from a traditional game, which gives you a reason to keep returning to the game because the rewards are worthwhile. At the same time though, it’s a game that you can comfortably play for a few seconds and put back in your pocket. You can play it for three hours straight, or three minutes, and you will get a sense of accomplishment either way. You can download the game from the following links: 10000000 (iPhone) $1.99 http://is.gd/haZJof 10000000 (Android) $1.99 http://is.gd/7tdxAz