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"And You Thought There Is Never A Girl Online?" Broadcast Dub Preview is OK?
I don't mind dubs. Never have! I know some people have big reservations about it, or just prefer subs, and that's totally fine. I get the complaints, I just personally find dubs to be OK because they're great for when I'm cleaning my room, when I want to casually rewatch a series, or when I would like to watch a series while I'm working.
This dub actually seems like it could be quite okay, actually? My main issue here is that we didn't hear best girl: AKO!!! I need to know what she's going to sound like to decide if I'll like it, but I'm liking it. Rusian and Schwein sound good. I'll probably watch this at some point, after I watch the original series.
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because they appealing to the other anime fans that like it dubbed as for me i like it hearing it both english and Japanese
2 years ago·Reply
I almost threw up from that dubbed version
2 years ago·Reply
yay plz don't hate on dubs!
2 years ago·Reply
@SimoneSanders A lot of shows are headed towards simulcast these days for dubs & subs, especially if they're popular ^^
a year ago·Reply
@SAGEOTAKU If its not your thing, just don't watch it :P I know not everyone likes dubs haha.
a year ago·Reply