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If you're a 'Steven Universe' fan, you HAVE to know all about Steven's all-time favorite treat, the Cookie Cat!

It's strawberry and vanilla ice cream sandwiched between two cat-shaped cookies - and it's even got its own rap! (Be honest. You already lowkey knew all the words.)
Fortunately for all of us who have ever wanted to try a Cookie Cat sandwich for ourselves, the beautiful people behind the YouTube channel Feast Of Fiction recreated the recipe for all of us non-animated folk.

It's more beautiful than I could've imagined.

Here's what you'll need to make a Cookie Cat at home:

馃樅 All-purpose flour
馃樅 Cocoa powder
馃樅 Confectioner's sugar
馃樅 Salt
馃樅 Unsalted butter
馃樅 Egg yolks
馃樅 Vanilla extract
Feast Of Fiction also provides a pattern that'll help you make your own Cookie Cat cookie-cutter! (Basically, the gift that keeps on giving if you're a fan of the show too.)

Once you have all of your ingredients rounded up, it is time to get started by clicking the the step-by-step tutorial above!

So which one of you are going to make these at home? (Or at least heavily bribe your more kitchen-savvy family member?)

I-it's so magestic.
@CreeTheOTaku You should casually slide this recipe to your family and be like "You love me, right...?"
@danidee HECK YES
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