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I almost dropped Fairy Tail because it got to emotional for me but then i realized i can't live without it I watched AOT in Japanese but I dropped it in the english, now i'm trying to continue watching but an anime i dropped (till probably the fillers are done) is Naruto. (why? because i just can't get into, but if I do, i'm going to binge watch it, and i'm going to enjoy every second of it.)
I almost dropped Blue Exorcist, honestly so glad I continued watching it
one piece, i like the story and characters but i absolutely cannot handle how horribly slow it is, Dragon ball z wasn't even as bad as one piece, not only does it progress slow but after the 5 minute openings and 2 minute endings for every show there is only like15 minutes of actual show to watch.....but no matter what i do i always end up trying to get through it every now and then.....and failing
I dropped FT for like 6 months once and then picked it back up again.. NO REGRETS!
@CaseGoede you should try akame ga kill
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