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Have you ever seen or heard something that sent shivers down your skin? Well, here is an idiom to express that feeling :P Below are the Korean texts. Please feel free to utilize Google Translate to hear how they're pronounced :) 닭살이 돋다 “와우! 닭살 돋아!” (wa-wu! dalk-sal do-ta -> first person, present form)
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anyways the pose is just perfect lol
oh thats good to know because i watched couple of videos showing kim hyun joong kissing guys and i was dissapointed to know he's gay ... its relief i can keep on fangirling :p
@Nonabisi lol I choose 2 ignore videos and clips like dat lol being a kpop idol smtms u just have 2 crazy stuff for fans dat dsn't always plz u haaaaha lols :-P
i think its weird lol
@ledeoux123 lol mee 2