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I'm always down to try out new styles for ponytails. I used to practice updo styling on my sister's hair and that was how I got started with helping my mom at the salon. By helping out I mean sweeping the floor covered with client's hair. I was still too young to get a hairstylist license. After high school my mom encouraged my sisters and I to study hair to help her out on the weekends. lol.
Anyways, enough of the story. I want to share two hairstyles I recently found online. The styling method is really creative and the end result is gorgeous. If you have long hair try it out!

Mermaid Curly Hairstyle

Doesn't it look like a big pulled-out Dutch braid? It's actually much more simple than that. The base is made up of a half-up 3-strand braid. The hairstylist just looped the side hair through the braid to create such effect. Pretty cool!

Faux-Hawk Ponytail

You know how much I love texture and voluminous hair. If I have longer hair this will be one hairstyle I would try immediately. It looks fun, adventurous and flirty. Doesn't it sound like summer? If you're interested, head over to the Beautiful Mess for written instructions. Otherwise, scroll to the right to follow the picture tutorial.
@KDramaKPop1015 Glad you liked it =)