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Yo! I know I'm late and I missed the midnight mark for the 4th day of the 12 Days of EXO Community like 30 minutes...which sucks but yknow life. Even so I couldn't bear to not at least post a little something for our Kyungsoo. You are loved, D.O.! Honest! So here is some love for the Soo.
Just look at that face? Who couldn't love him? So cute! But wait...
Now I thought I'd do a little something different and talk about THIS.
When I watched "I Remember You" for the first time I was blown away. Sure some parts were a little cheesy but over all, it was intense and poignant. Kyungsoo KILLED It. .... I couldn't resist. Kkaebsong...
His portrayal of serial killer Lee Junyoung was something to behold. Such a complicated character, and while D.O. played the young Junyoung, he sold it. The pain, the anger, the psychopathic tendencies. I loved it.
Someone give this guy an Oscar.
On to the next drama. My all time favorite drama** (subject to change at a moments notice). It's Okay, That's Love. the first time I was introduced to D.O. The young troubled writer from an abusive home who befriends our male lead.
Cutest schizophrenic hallucination ever! Spoiler! Not gonna lie though, that scene was so powerful. I didn't see it coming. I was just like, ":O now I have to watch the next episode!"
Let's not forget the one and only EXO Next Door, starring our favorite boys (well most of them). Chanyeol was a sexy angry male lead (ugh) while Sehun was sassy and adorable, killing it with the one liners and his looks of utter disdain and boredom. Baekhyun was fluffy and cute, it's too bad they didn't give his character more. While D.O. played the heart wrenchingly perfect second male lead with the dorkiest laugh in the world. Needless to say, I was torn.
His subtle flirting with our "innocent" female lead. Oh D.O.... Ah I was so torn. I mean I know who *I* would have chosen but I was torn for her.
Well that's all I got. If you guys haven't seen any of those dramas yet, I highly recommend them. I'm a drama fanatic. I'd never lead anyone astray ;). Isn't Kyungsoo just so precious? Murderous intentions and all ♡♡♡♡
@MadAndrea dramanice shd have it that's what i use now lol
is there a website or something where I can watch these?
@ScarletMermaid i dont use drama fever or viki anymore lol bcs of ads but i occasionally go back nd forth lols Yesss i will definitely watch i remember you 😊😚😚
@sherrysahar Viki has I Remember you. Dramafever has Its okay that's love and EXO Next Door. That's where I watched them.
i need to watch i remember you
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