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If you can't decide whether to have seafood or meat, there's no need to choose anymore :D Check out this recipe from shewearsmanyhats.com for an amazing mixture of sea and land : ) Ingredients - 4 Garlic & Herb Sauté Express® Sauté Starter squares - 1 pound skirt steak, flank steak, or other cut of beef, thinly cut - 
1 pound raw shrimp, peeled and deveined - 1 tablespoon soy sauce - ½ medium red onion, sliced (yellow or sweet onion may be substituted) - ½ yellow/golden bell pepper (red or orange would be excellent, too) - 
8 ounces sugar snap peas or snow peas (in pods) - 1 tablespoon sesame seeds - 1 cup cooked rice Instructions 1) In a large skillet over medium heat, melt Garlic & Herb Sauté Express® Sauté Starter Squares until they begin to bubble. 2) Add beef and cook 30 seconds each side. Scoot beef to one side of the pan to make room for the shrimp. Add shrimp and cook 1 minute each side. Remove beef and shrimp, and set aside, covered. 3) Let pan heat back up and add soy sauce. Whisk for about 20–30 seconds. 4) Increase heat to medium-high. Add onion, bell pepper, peas, and sesame seeds and cook for 5 minutes, stirring occasionally. 5) Reduce heat to low. Add beef and shrimp back to pan, stir and cook for another 2 minutes. 6) Serve over cooked rice.
@kristenadams def! that's a great idea! how come i didnt think of it hahaha i guess i was too excited about the idea of combining those two!
nommmmm i think i would just have it without the meattttt and kind it lighterrrr
I've always used broccoli for the green in this type of stirfries but I like the use of snow peas. Great color!
It's the hardest decision to make! Whether to eat fish or meat! Thank you for the solution!\