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School is out and it is time for a mini getaway. For those of you traveling this coming month here's a handy list of hair essentials to pack before you get on the flight. You never know what kind of hair situation you'll be in and it's not a bad idea to keep your hair looking great wherever you'll be.

Bay Breeze Hydrating Shot

For those of you with dry hair, deep condition your hair before you head on the flight. This little bottle will be handy for post flight and other emergency "dry" hair situation while abroad.

Bumble & Bumble Invisible Oil

10+ hours on a flight will give you frizzy hair. A little dollop of this will prevent your hair from getting static and frizz!

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Travel Kit

Travel-sized shampoo and conditioner is an essential to pack with you. I've used hotel prepared hair cleansers and it dried out my hair. I learned my lesson, so I will always bring my own hair treatments.
@HairConfetti alright!!! Thank you for letting me know!!
@MyAffairWith You're welcome. If it's a little out of budget. Argan oil or jojoba oil are also great alternatives. =)
@HairConfetti thank you for this tip!!! I will use this product for frizz then!!! ^_^
@MyAffairWith During the summer your hair gets more dehydrated from the UV rays and heat. Frizzy hair occurs because the moisture of the hair is loss, so the cuticle layer is raised. Which is why when you run your fingers through the strand you can feel the roughness. Applying essential oil will give your hair more moisture which will will smoothen out the raised cuticle. Bumble & Bumble's Invisible Oil is great because it helps retain moisture after you towel dry your hair. When using any hair oil, focus from the mid-shaft to the ends because that is where frizz occurs the most.
How is bumble & bumble for summer frizz?