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Tired of having the old transparent ice cubes? Tired of having no fun with ice cubes? This is your solution! Ingredients: - Distilled water, boiled and cooled - 2 extra large ice cube trays (we used silicone “bourbon” ice trays that make 6 cubes) - 12 edible flowers (Flowers that are grown to be eaten –no pesticides or other chemicals. We used nasturtiums, pansies and roses) - 6 small sprigs of thyme Directions: 1) Fill ice cube trays about 1/3 full with the distilled water and add a flower facing down. In 6 of the cubes also add a sprig of thyme with the flower. Freeze. Once frozen, fill 2/3 full with the distilled water. Freeze. Fill to the top with water and freeze again. source: saltedandstyled.com
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@roselee89 @rachelykim thanksssssss : ) Im going to try this real sooonnnnn :D
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so romantic ...
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@oj1992 yes it's so Romantic.
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@oj1992 @ericxdxoplax romantic and also a very pretty way to drink water rightttttt!
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