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On May 12, Big Hit Entertainment revealed through their official Twitter that Jungkook would be resuming his scheduled album promotions with the rest of BTS. “Yesterday, Jungkook went to the otorhinolaryngology clinic [clinic for nose, ear, and throat] and was diagnosed with the flu. Later he went to the hospital for more thorough examination and treatment and the hospital confirmed that the flu had been misdiagnosed.” On May 11, BTS’s agency had announced that Jungkook would be dropping out of music programs and fan signings in order to recover his health after a flu diagnosis. The statement continued, “The fever was an early symptom of tonsillitis so he received treatment and rested and is back to normal condition. Starting from today [May 12 KST], he will resume music program promotions and fan signings for BTS’ special album.” “We thank the fans for sending Jungkook messages of support,” they concluded. © Soompi 1. How do you misdiagnos the flu? 2. I haven't had my tonsils out either, we're in the same boat Kookie
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I wonder if the misdiagnosis was more a matter in miscommunication.