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PILLARS of Africa ( NIGERIANS )!!! LEARN FROM THIS!!! . . This is the map of Africa... If this map is to be compared to an object, it will be a GUN and every GUN is POWERLESS without the TRIGGER. Now, if we assume the map to be a GUN, which COUNTRY becomes the TRIGGER?>>>>NIGERIA right?.. This means that AFRICA cannot do without NIGERIA!!! If YES is your answer, it means besides GOD, that AFRICA cannot do without you... Don't be so surprised... Just PAUSE and THINK. Based on the projected population by the year 2050 and the previous population, the population of Africa is estimated to reach 1.069 billion people in the year 2016..................... AND............... In the POPULATION PYRAMIDS of the world from 1950 to 2100, Africa was Think deep about what will happen to Africa if you are been >>LACKADAISICAL<<with your dreams. No matter who you are, your height, position, complexion, your state, language, qualification, your family background, Age e.t.c, know this that you are the PILLAR of AFRICA... It doesn't matter what they're saying about you... It doesn't matter the storm you're facing right now.... God has deposited something inside of you.... You're a TREASURE to AFRICA and i challenge you to stand up for your purpose NOW!!!! I know you're the solution to Africa and whenever your mind tells you otherwise, this is what to do, just PULL THE TRIGGER IN YOUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..
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