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Which is truly better?

One where you wept tears of sorrow or tears of joy?

Welcome to The Great Debate!
This is my brand new collection where you guys comment and take sides on why *you* are right (on a particular subject)!
This collection is here to literally *crash* into every community in Vingle to challenge notions and start debates! It's not restricted to politics or anime, but much much more! XD

For the start of it all, let's debate about ENDINGS!!!

Spoilers Ahead for:
- Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso
- Code Geass
- Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
- Kill la Kill
Note that all of these are great anime and also have great endings as well

Why Happy Endings are better!

Let's take shows with a conclusive ending that left with our lips smiling!
Yes, their have fought hard battles, and some scars may never heal, but at least they saved the world, right?
Our heroes can move onwards with their friends behind their backs. A new future shines bright and inspires us to follow the same road they took.
Endings such as these are great remarks for how life can turn out to be in a positive and inspiring manner. You witness the fruit of the work and effort they've made and will probably leave a smile on your face as you cry tears for saying goodbye to an incredible anime!

Why Sad Endings are better!

Let's take shows with a conclusive ending that left with our tears flowing as the credits rolled!
Something big was sacrificed to create this ending. Often, it's someones death, someone way too important to us. It leaves a serious mark, a scar that constantly reminds you of that anime, forever onwards.
Our wounded heroes move on with a burden to carry, and yet, they keep on going and honouring the lives that were lost.
Endings such as these create a conclusion for life can turn out to be in a more serious and sadder manner. You witness the weight of their tears as you see behind their road they've walked and leaves more tears to be fallen from your own, not only for them but also for the end of an incredible anime.


There are Good AND Bad Endings!

Refer to the conclusive endings, whether they be happy or sad!

Time To Debate!!!

There are 3 rules!

1. No rudeness here! Keep it clean and keep it to the subject!
2. Any remarks, opinions and examples can be voiced!
3. Rebuttle, rebuttle and keep on rebuttle!
I like happy endings, but when a lot of sadness builds them up for me! For me, it's hard to enjoy the happy ending if it was just neutral or almost happy the whole time. I need some despair & sadness to make the happy ending (or, neutral ending that thus seems happy by comparison) really worth it. Does that even make sense?
Honestly, my logical side says "Happy endings" of course, but our of all the animes I've ever watched the sad endings are the ones that seem to impact me the most. As stated above everyone loves a happy ending. However, life isnt always that fair. Life, while amazing with all our blessings from God, can also be extremely hard, and at times, very cruel. Angel beats, Clannad, Your lie in april are the best examples of this. They reveal how cruel life can be one moment, and then filled with joy the next. I dont get that as much stories that are predestined for happy endings. As a result, I feel as though these animes draw me in even closer as I become so invested in a character as I witness their life sprial out of control. And its not just animes either. I have always loved reading books and the two most emotional stories I ever read was "Babylon 5; The passing of the technomages" Trilogy and "Gregor Eisenhorn" Triology (If you ever played 40k its about an inquister and his 150+years of combating the forces of evil. constantly waivering between light and chaos). Both stories featured amazing detail and passion for the characters and you never knew which were safe and who would die. Thats what makes these stories just so unbelievably great.
I think it is generally easier to evoke sadness than happiness, because sadness is a universal feeling where happiness feels fleeting and rarer. sadness usually reflects real life tragedies, while happier anime storyline feel that much more ficticious
I tried to make sense but I'm not sure I did XD. it's very late here and I tried 馃槄馃槀. I'll try to fix it later maybe if it isn't coherent enough.
I like both depending on how the anime is made. Life doesn't always give you a happy ending and things like anime are an escape from reality . If all there was , was sad anime's then reality and fiction would be so similar an a bit depressing . Happy endings all the time would be bad too, you might live with a too much idealistic mindset not prepared for harsher realities. And it'd probably end up boring and unsurprising. And both are equally good and solid ways to end shows. Too much sad and the world seems grim, too much happy and you might become bitter real life isn't the same or forget reality is far different from fiction. Neither is better than the other, it's all depending on the animes and situation.
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