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Anime is life!! Manga 4 Ever!! I give my humble thanks this Thursday for Anime and manga as well for all it has done!! Felt like sometimes you don't know where your going or what your doing, then you watch an anime or read a manga and it's like your road was always ahead of you but you just couldn't see it because the clouds of reality that wouldn't let your mind and happiness escape!! Anime and manga does this for me on a continuous basis always and is why anime is life and manga is forever both my heart!! Something that can change you just from a perspective view that's such a strong bond built with NAKAMA who you truly did grow up with and adventure and suffer with and love with and laugh with!! This all is real and it's thanks to everyone who helps and creates these anime and manga that I give my respect to as well as the true characters and their personalities themselves!! I've learned so much and changed so much from something many don't even understand or see as an ideal thing for children or adults due to a lack of open mindedness or just criticism because of of how it appears. Well no matter the future anime and manga will always hold the biggest parts of my heart and I will continue to be inspired and dream as I live and grow along side my NAKAMA and Senpai's and even the little side routes taken lessons can be found or happiness can be seen in them and yourself!! I hope everyone takes a minute or even a second to just read a little or all of this and see what anime and manga really is and how they may have changed whether they realize it or not? What's your reason for anime?? Why do you read manga?? Anime is life!! Manga 4 ever!! Anime & Manga 4ever my heart!! So with my truest sincerely and lifelong happiness and dreams to come, THANK YOU!!
@BrittianArell awesome to hear I def can agree with naruto having such a huge impact on my life. Anime is life!! Truly has given me so much happiness and so much to strive and work for!!
I totally agree, Naruto started my journey with anime. Naruto is such a good story and does inspire me all the time, to never give up and friendship/bonds is what's most important in life. I can't thank Naruto and everyone else in the show enough! ☺😌