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If your home is encouraging and accepting of differences...in short, makes you feel SAFE... You are BLESSED and RICH more than you know. I envy you too. My home isn't like that. They are controlling, extremely judgmental and inflexible. The most happiest moments of my life are honestly when I was residing in uni campus...away from them all. They are overbearing to the point where I can't even go out with my friends without worrying what they say about me behind my back. I can't even date if the guy is not to their liking. Guilt tripping each other, bad mouthing each other is all what they know. Yes, I know and I learnt the reason why they are the way they are. THEY ARE NOT HAPPY INSIDE OF and WITH THEMSELVES, hence, restricting others from achieving that happiness. They might subsconsciously be unaware of this, but I highly doubt so. When i found the quote image from the internet, I was taken aback of how it resonates with my home life.
I am lonely without any real confidante, feeling crappy all the time and do not want to do anything. Because i am so depressed and feel SO STUCK. I am exhausted hearing their bickering at home and with the knowledge I am NOT FREE within this place i am supposed to call home. I am lost in this jungle, struggling to find the life I want for myself. I want to get away, to find a job away from here. But it is so impossible. I really don't think crying helps anymore, it is just a temporary solution. Please don't feel sorry for me. I just hope, with this tale of mine, you will find solace in knowing and realising the good you have in your life. And hopefully; you'll wish and send me inner peace, tonnes of luck and warm hugs.