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The past two months I've been drooling over these denim espadrilles wedge sandals by Chloe. While I'm not huge of these type of wedges, something about these babies caught my immediate attention and I have not been able to get them out of my mind since. While they do happen to cost a pretty penny, I believe at every woman deserves something nice once in awhile. If I were to ever invest in these lovely wedges it would definitely be a birthday gift to myself. With my birthday right around the corner, the thought is up in the air -- but until then, I will admire these beautiful shoes from afar.

Would you wear these wedges?

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i like the top but never liked that material wedge for some reason .
@jordanhamilton Maybe it's hidden inside one of your older shoe boxes (if you keep any). lol
That wedge is a bit too high for me. 2 inches is probably my max. Clarks is currently my favorite brand for sandals because it's comfortable and cute!
oddly, I've never liked these specific type of wedges either, but for some reason I'm drawn to these @stephosorio
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