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Genre: Angst, College AU
Pairing: Taehyung x Reader
Length: 1846 words
Summary: He was bad news. So why couldn’t I keep away?
Part: 3/?
I went back to my place on the sofa to find Jimin had moved. I looked around and found him chatting to his group of friends, standing right next to none other than Chanmi- his ex-girlfriend.
I narrowed my eyes. He looked very cozy with how close she was standing to him. He didn’t look like he wanted to go anytime soon, and I sat down where the two of us were sat before and huffed.
He told me he wouldn’t leave me. But I wasn’t too fussed. He probably thought I was still talking to my mum- she could talk for hours without a break, so I didn’t blame him. I felt kinda useless, sitting there in the middle of the party, and I had noticed Taehyung was back in the room now.
There was a group of taller boys blocking me from his line of sight, so I wasnt worried about him seeing me. I thought about how close he was standing to me and shivered.
I looked back at Jimin seeing if there was anyway I could get to him to tell him I was leaving. I’d had enough. The quicker I could go home, the quicker I could order pizza. Plus, I really wanted to get out of this dress and into something more comfortable.
When my eyes fell on Jimin, I frowned. Chanmi was running her hand up and down his arm, and giggling at what he was saying to her. What the everloving fuck? They had broken up man, what the hell where they playing at? Was she drunk?
I didn’t want to interrupt their little touchy-feely thing they had going on, so I decided to just let Jimin know by text. As I got my phone out of my bag, my eyes landed on Hoseok.
I immediately put the phone away and made a beeline for him. He was stood on his own, staring at his own phone. When he saw me approach him, his face looked confused. Did he not recognise me?
“, I’m Jimin’s friend? Y/n?"
“Yeah I know who you are nerd. What do you want?” I felt my cheeks grow hot at the name. He wasn’t even in my class yet he knew me as ‘nerd’. I started to wonder, did Jimin tell him that? Did Jimin make fun of me when I wasn’t there.
My face hardened. “Are you deaf? I said my name’s y/n.” I wasn’t going to let this fucker embarrass me, or get the better of me. He was leaning on the wall, but after I answered back, he stood up to his full height, his eyes narrowed.
“What. Do. You. Want?” I sighed. What the hell Jimin saw in him, I have no idea. “Can you just tell Jimin I’m leaving? Thanks.” I didn’t even wait for him to agree.
“Why? You scared of the big group of people?”, he sneered. I just stared at him like he’d grown another head. “There are so many pricks in that group, combined they could make a damn cactus. Me talking to one of you is enough.”
I left Hoseok there, open-mouthed and speechless. Honestly, I was a pretty kind, down to earth person, most of the time. But occasionally, I would just be 100% done with everyone’s shit and let them have it. Today just happened to be one of those days.
I could outside, and breathed a sigh of relief. I felt like I could breathe again. I started walking away, when a deep voice made me jump. “Where are you going?”
I cursed and whirled around to find Taehyung stood by his door. Jesus, I was so dopey, I hadn’t even heard him open or close that. “I’m having a one-man party on your front lawn”, I replied sarcastically. “Where do you think I’m going?”
On the contrary, he looked amused. I had been hoping he wouldn’t see me slip out, but obviously no such luck. “Home? Already?”
I shrugged. I didn’t need to offer him a proper explanation, so I just said “I want pizza.” He laughed. Honestly, it sounds so weird, but whenever he smiled or laughed, he didn’t look like Kim Taehyung the school’s fuckboy. He looked like this pure, innocent child....He looked cute.
I grimaced as the thought crossed my head. He spoke again, making me look up at him. “You never texted me.”
I adjusted my glasses and blinked a couple of times. “...I didn’t know I had to...?” He hadn’t told me to text him, and I had no reason to. “I don’t give people my number just for them to never use it.”
I sighed exasperatedly, and took out my phone, to find his number in my contacts list. I was half-expecting this to be a prank- maybe he’d given me some fake number. But this would at least shut him up, and I could leave.
I texted ‘Hi’ and pressed ‘send’, placing the phone back in my bag. Like a second later, I saw his phone screen light up due to a notification, and I have to admit I was shocked. He had given me his actual number. God knows why.
“Hi, he replied to my text verbally, an amused glint in his eye. But as much as I would have loved to stay and chat (not), I wasn’t in the mood. At all. I smiled sweetly at him, and replied ‘Bye’. I heard him snicker as I turned to walk away, but at least he didn’t stop me.
One shitty movie and half a pizza later, Jimin was banging on the door. I was lying on my bed, scrolling through my phone lazily. “It’s open!”
One glance at him, and I could tell he was not amused. But I stayed lying there, too comfortable too move just for him.
“What the hell y/n!? Why did you leave? Hoseok said you called us all pricks and left.” I barked out a laugh, sitting up. “He said that? Wow, way to twist my words. And I left cus I got bored Jimin, chill.”
“Chill?! I will not chill y/n! Next time come to me yourself before you dec-”
“-There isn’t going to be a next time. These parties aren’t my cup of tea. And Jimin I live five minutes away, I‘m not a kid who needs my hand holding.”
“It was after ten at night!” He shouted. That got me angry.
“So do tell, if you were that worried, Park Jimin, why the fuck are you turning up two hours later?!”
Silence. He was staring daggers at me, and I was glaring right back. My phone’s notification tone rang three times. I glanced down and shut my eyes in annoyance at the name on the screen.
Despite his anger, Jimin’s curiosity got the better of him. No one texted me except him and my mum. “Who is it?”
“Nobody important”, I replied through gritted teeth. What the hell did Taehyung want already? I regretted texted him now. Seeing him in school was bad enough. Now he could harass me by text too.
Jimin craned his neck, too look at my phone, and that was when I saw it. He had a purple mark on his neck. It was lighter than the one Taehyung had given that girl, but it was definitely still there. I kept quiet about it though.
I tried to hide the screen, but too late. “Ok...OK. Clearly I’m missing something here. Why the fuck does Kim Taehyung have your number?”
I bit my lip, not knowing how to answer that one. “ He told me to text him because that’s what he gave me his number for. Idiot probably needs some tutoring help and doesn’t have the balls to ask.”
That thought hadn’t occurred to me before I said it, but that’s probably why he wanted to talk out of school. Why else would he need the Nerd? Jimin was suddenly speaking very quietly. “Let me see your phone y/n.”
I frowned and grabbed it, shaking my head no. Why the hell would I give him what he wanted after he burst in here to shout at me? Instead I looked at what the texts said, shielding the phone from him as best as I could.
From Taehyung: Hi
Babe. About earlier...
You’re actually quite cute.
My face was a mix of shock and disgust. Shock at the word ‘cute’ and disgust at the word ‘babe’. Ew. That word made me cringe so hard.
“What ‘about earlier’? What did you do?” Jimin was fuming. I looked at him questioningly. “How the hell...?” I didn’t even finish my sentence. He sighed, frustrated. “I can see off the reflection of your glasses y/n.” Stupid glasses.
“This is probably just a dare. Or he’s pissed.and texting the wrong person”, I waved it off. But Jimin wasn’t stupid, sadly. “Y/n I just saw him before I left. Apart from me, he was like the only sober person there. Now tell me what you did!”
My lips turned down slightly into a sad face. That was the face I made before I cried. Legit. I’m not even joking. If you haven’t seen me cry, you don’t know the meaning of ‘ugly tears’.
“I went to the kitchen to call Mum...and he came in after the call ended. I tried to get back to you but he stopped me. Then he...then he..”. Fuck. I couldn’t even bring myself to say it.
Jimin’s eyes widened in horror. “Did he touch you?”
“No. I mean yes. Yeah...He touched my lips...with his lips...”.
“Jesus Christ y/n. He kissed you?”, Jimin rolled his eyes at my incompetence. “That asshole. What the hell did he do that for?” I just shrugged. I had wondered the same thing, but could draw no conclusion.
“You want Pizza?” I asked changing the subject, he shook his head, and my attention immediately landed on his neck. That mark. I clenched my jaw. If him and Chanmi were back together....Oh lord Jesus have mercy. Chanmi was the she-devil no matter how sweet other people thought she was.
“OK. We have class in approximately seven and a half hours, so I’m going to sleep. You want food? Eat. You staying over? I’ve made space for you. You leaving? Lock the door on your way out.” And with that, I fell back on the bed, shifting my body so I was facing the wall, my back to him.
I swallowed the lump in my throat as I took off my glasses, not at all happy with how today turned out. If this was what people my age thought was ‘fun’, then fuck fun. I could live without it.
I heard Jimin leave the room quietly, shutting my light. Then I listened for whether he was going for the sofa, or whether he was leaving. The soft jangling of keys gave me my answer.
I bit the inside of my cheek, telling myself I wouldn’t cry as I fell into a restless sleep. For tomorrow was another shitty day.
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*picks up tiny cactus* shhh bill she didn't mean it . not all cacti are bad . 😢
I would have called Jimin out about his hickie(don't know how to spell it). In all honesty I want her and taetae to be together.
I don't even know this girl Jimin has been with but I already don't like her and she's not doubt gonna cause Shit later
Jiminie.... Wae Bruh?? You supposed to be there for her; 2hrs really dude really? 😑😑 you needs to do better. And what's this are you being two-faced and talking about her behind her back?? If so not cool 😒😒
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