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Princess Punt is a trajectory-based puzzle game for Android and iPhone. You control the Princess, who is on her way to meet up with her hunky boyfriend. The road is full of dangerous enemies, including dinosaurs(!!) and angry acorns (yes, such a thing exists). In order to get past these obstacles, you kick (or punt, if you will) bombs and, more importantly, your minions. Different “weapons” have different effects that can be triggered when the screen is tapped, while shot placement (trajectory, strength, point of impact, etc.) can mean the difference between kicking ass and utter failure. It’s a weird concept that seems just insane enough to be awesome. It’s a puzzle game that also happens to be an RPG, and while the combination might seem weird at first, after a round or two it’ll be hard to imagine playing a similar puzzle game that’s missing the added strategic elements of Princess Punt. You can find the game in the following link: Princess Punt (iPhone) http://is.gd/td2YlC Princess Punt (Android) http://is.gd/iumB5H