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I was up before the mail came knowing my boys would be here today. I'm so happy!
for the Day Version I got Taehyung and Yoongi for photo cards. I was so happy to get Taehyung because I have everyone else besides him and Jin oppa.
For the Night version I think I cried when I saw I that I got Jin oppa! I even got my tried phot of Jungkook too.
I even got a Forever Young Tshrit.
I even got more photos cards. Only six but photos front and back.
@jazgaara33 @sarabear1021 the boys will come and make your day.
Still waiting for mine too!!!!:((((
@faith92 that's wait I did and it was worth the wait. it'll get here so don't worry. :)
@Choijiah mine is supposed to get here around may 23 so it could be awhile :/ oh well! I haven't listened to any of the songs yet except for the ones they have released mv's for or if they have a performance vid up. I'm waiting until the albums get here :)
@faith92 thank you! I'm sure yours will come in and it'll make your day!
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