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Let me tell ya'll about my trip to Macy's yesterday. I went in hopes of getting my hands on Estee Lauder's Double Wear foundation, but first I needed to get matched with the perfect shade. I arrived thinking there would be someone at the counter who knew a thing or two about makeup, but I learned I was wrong minutes later.
I expressed my interested in the foundation and the sales woman went on to try a color out on my face, with her fingers. It took everything in me not to fix my tongue to say words that have never come out of my mouth a day in my life. I was so surprised that a woman who happens to work at a cosmetic counter would think it was okay to apply makeup on a customers face with her disgusting fingers.
I finished the job on my own finding the perfect match. I then saw that they sold beauty blenders, which I was in need of a new one. I picked one up and she had the audacity to question if I knew how to use one. 'Are you serious?' was all I could think. Like miss, just because I walk in here without a lick of makeup on my face does not mean that I can't beat my face and yours within the hour. Don't try and play me.
She began to ring up my items telling me the beauty blender was retailing for $27 and I knew right then and there she knew nothing about what she was talking. I've purchased plenty beauty blenders in my day and they all retail for $20 no matter where you buy them. I wasn't about to spend $27 on something that was meant to be $27, so I took my foundation and dipped. The moral of the story is, never go to Macy's to get matched for a foundation -- especially if the person working the counter has absolutely no history or knowledge of makeup.

Have you ever had a terrible experience when it comes to customer service and just plain old common sense?

How do you even begin to compare dying children to my mediocre story, the two are on two totally different spectrums. I was sharing a story, don't try and make me seem as though I have no sympathy just because I wrote a card on an experience. You chose to comment, let's keep it positive or don't say anything at all. I appreciate it. There's nothing wrong with adding a card about beauty to the beauty community. What's sad is that people always feel the need to twist situations to make them bigger than what they are. Take the drama elsewhere please and thank you. @KaylaTrego
I agree with a CS satisfaction survey. I've done a lot of those. Did one yesterday. :)
@CallMeMsDragon I want you to go with me to Macy's! hahaha What a crummy experience @JordanHamilton. so ridiculous
Yes! I almost lit a Sephora up honey! This granny ARGUED that my contour palette was 48 dollars when the sign clearly said 40. And I told her I'm not paying extra money. So I told the manager that she argued with me without checking the signage. And she said that will never happen again and gave it to me for 40. I said "you're right because I'm not coming back. I don't like this Sephora in the first place." ALL of the employees were silent af lmao
omg. I would've told her about herself. I wouldn't be rude but she was all wrong. who knows where her hands were.
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