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After a long, unannounced hiatus.. I have returned! Few things have happened since I was gone! 1. I got married!! I have a waifu! 2. Got a puppy! Furry baby! 3. Watched more anime (duh) 4. Caught up with some other shows and watched the amazing Captain America movie and Deadpool movie! Sorry to anyone who followed me because I fell off the radar. What happened was that my old phone acted up and was unusable for a couple months. Got an upgrade but I already cracked the screen because the phone is slippery af. Good thing I got the insurance now! Well that's all for now and I will resume the 100 days of anime! Ja ne!
awww congrats on both the marriage and the furry baby!
@simplynick haha its cool. The few words I know in Italian is thanks to Assassin's Creed anyways. lol
@simplynick is that Italian? All I can say is moto bene!
@simplynick did not hear about it.
@tallpinoy Lmaoo, yep I feel ya 8) Have you heard of the movie that have coming out?
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