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We're back again for another installment of WW! This week we're talking about our Ultimate Waifu! Who's mime!? I was originally going to pick my #1 Misaka Mikoto but I've used here twice for my WW already so here's my #2!
The beautiful assasin from Log Horizon, Akatsuki! If you haven't went and seen this anime, I recommend you do so immediately! This is tied for my #1 favorite show all time! Akatsuki is part of the reason why too! Everything great about anime is here!
In the real world her name is Shizuka Hanekura, and despite her appearance she is a 20 year old college student. In game and in my heart she is Akatsuki! Human Assasin/Tracker. Her avatar originally a taller male until she was trapped inside the game in that character, she used a potion Shiroe had and made her avatar look like her real self. She loves her Red Bean Bread! She's the best of both worlds! Absolutely love her!!!!♡♡♡
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Would have picked the same Lol