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There is so much I can say about Yixing. He's definitely my UB wrecker. Him and Minseok are always fighting for 1st.
I'm glad that he is getting rest right now, because that's what he deserves right now.
-I am so sorry for being late!!-
So I hope everyone will like this card. I did try today
It was a hecticday today.
My favorite band's album came out and I've been beinge listening to it all day!! :D
Anyways back to EXO's Healing Unicorn, Zhang Yixing.
Lay Gifs...
now who doesn't love those :D
His funny moments on shows..
The Lay on crack video is from SwogliciousPuppysaurus- her EXO on crack videos are so funny!!! lol
I had to add this one of Xiumin and Lay :D
I mean come on!!!!
My Kpop Fam:
-borrowed list from @PrincessUnicorn-
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love the videos! I also hope Lay is getting enough rest since collapse after performance. 😯