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It was a close call with Bts and Twice. Im so proud of Bts! They've come a long way! They looked like they were having so much fun!
Fire!! I love the choreography! Bts did awesome!
Save me comeback stage! I really love this song! Even though Jungkook wasn't there. The boys still did awesome! Jungkook is fine now. I hope they make an MV to Save Me.
They really do need a break! I really dont think that Jungkookie is all that well yet... he should rest longer
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I'm so happy and proud. They did a great job without Jungkook. I like how well Tae and Chim covered his parts. And it was nice to see him at the end, letting ARMYs know he's alright. Also, Suga dancing with the trophy. YAY BTS! FIGHTING!!!
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these boys make me so proud its absurd how proud i am
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