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I stumbled across this video and immediately thought of Sarah from the Bible. From those who aren't familiar with Sarah, she was a woman who wasn't capable of bearing a child -- that is until she was 90 years old. Yes, you read that correctly. Similar to Sarah, the woman depicted in the video below gave birth at the age of 70 and her husband happens to be 79. The couple has been married for 49 years and this is their first child.
After watching the video, of course I had to go read the comment section and the comments were absolutely disgusting. Several people called the couple selfish for having a child at such an old age and saying they should have adopted years ago. People seem to be upset because they are focused on the fact that the couple happens to be so old, the child will only have his parents around for a short amount of time, but is that really what's most important? What about the couples happiness or the fact that they might actually live another 30 years. Anything is possible, we learned that when we saw this lady miraculously give birth at the age of 70.

What are your views on the topic at hand?

Do you think the couple is selfish for wanting to have a child at such an age?
Are you kidding?! Selfish?!?! The ONLY reason we have an age is to count the number of years we have been on earth. Age doesn't constitute whether or not you should have a baby, go to college, get married and so forth. I am happy for them and they will love their child until the day they pass. Screw all of the nasty judgement and cruel words.
to quote one of my favorite singers, the greatest contribution we leave are the ones we leave behind, God blessed them with a child so it doesn't matter their age
I don't think that it's SELFISH to have kids at an old age. I just hope that they've prepared or will prepare a plan for their child for when they actually do pass. Sure, it's not most important to their own quality of life or most important in the years they'll be able to spend together, but the transition will be extremely difficult for the child and definitely throws things off course. Having a solid estate plan in place will ensure that the child will continue to thrive and that the parents will still be able to care for their child far after they're gone. It might seem insensitive, but it's really not. Being young without parents makes you really susceptible to being taken advantage of by adults, especially when estate and assets are concerned. Of course, the years spent together, albeit short, will be completely valuable and worth it, but there's also an equal amount of value in protecting your child in the inevitable event of their parents' death.
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