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OMG, This song is so Heartbreaking. My thoughts on it start from "Aw, this is such a Sweet romantic song" to "Namjoon, Are you okay, Honey?"
Seriously though, I wanted to Hug him after this song was over. 😒 WHO HURT MY MONSTER!? 😑
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Same can be said with their song "Let Me Know." 😒😒 I just want to give all the biggest hugs and try to take away any hurt. Just be there for them the best I can.
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Why is it that I can relate so much to that song 😒
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@alltimerejectx I feel like I can relate to this song too because I went through a similar situation as he did, And After I found out that Rapmon wrote the song based off of what really happened to him. It just makes me want to Hug him and Comfort him. 😒
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