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I literally felt like I was on a date with this guy.

It was actually pretty surreal and cool.
But, I wasn't feeling a few things right off the back and I'll list them below:
1.) clicking his fork against his glass to get the waitresses attention
2.) ordering my meal for me [hopefully he asked me what I wanted first]
3.) pulling out his electric cigarette in the restaurant
4.) blowing his smoke so graciously into the air as if he were sitting outdoors
5.) randomly blurting out Eminem lyrics
6.) calling his mom out of her name, while he probably wasn't even texting her
7.) asking me to take a photo of him and his meal
8.) bringing up his exes. a major red flag
9.) talking just a little bit too much
10.) motioning for me to pick up the tab
Okay, fine. Maybe it was more than just a few things. Please believe this would've been our first and our last day, ever.

What would've turned you off right away?

Damn that guy is a douche. I would have punched him had I seen it from across the room. surprised you stuck it out that long. you deserve a more than a few stars for that
@jordanhamilton lol well the disrespect to the wait staff is #1 for me
WHOA number one and I'm done. The clicking the fork thing is disgusting and rude.
it's a guy
I met my wife in a blind date in which I broke all known rules of dating. We've been together since. It was 23 years on April 29th. So go figure.
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