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K-Pop apps

Heeeeey friends, are there any kpop apps anyone could recommend to me? I am sorely lacking apps....Recommendations would be great! Thank you!!
There's V app where you can watch broadcasts done by the groups (my fav~♡), there's the smrookies app if you want to keep up a bit more with the rookies, and then for news and quizzes there's soompi. Those are all the kpop related apps I have (besides ones used to watch kdramas). I know that there's some kpop game apps like an exo 4028, but I get bored of those type of apps easily...OH, there's also starpop! I almost fogot that one -_- It's a simulator game type where you take care of the sm male idol of your choice (and you have chances to win merch)
I have (and absolutely LOVE) V.
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