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Oh Lay, one of the most dangerous members for me. He is a complete bias wrecker being adorable, cute, caring and those dimples!!!
I'm sure most of us know this but if you don't in their mv MAMA all of the members gain superpowers and Lay's in particular is the power of healing.

Bringing life to the wilting flowers

Demonstrating his powers in a radio show

Lay healing Coni featuring a laughing D.O, Sehun and Chanyeol

Speed Healing after D.O inflicts the punishment

He also has an incredibly sensitive neck


...Then Doni and Coni decided to test this valuable information by excessively blowing on his neck

His neck is never safe, and its probably so much worse in the dorms...Chanyeol in particular

Have an awesome day everyone! His smile >//<
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Haha cute he's adorable also kris reaction when he was about to get hit. it hadn't landed on his head and he was already freaking out
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