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Most of the characters in stories are often weak at the start and have no clue where to go. That’s not as compared to strong leads who can go in blazing with no problems. When the story progresses, things unfold and the audience realizes why the presentation was set up. Questions are made like, “Why is this happening?”, and “What’s the point of that?” Silent Hill 3 is more than just a survival horror game with sickening effects and uncomfortable moments, It’s a coming-of-age tale. Growing up. That’s the adventure for Heather Mason.
As soon as the game starts with the second cutscene, there’s a red filter on the screen and inside the fast food restaurant where Heather is. The color red signifies a bad omen or incoming death. Heather doesn’t realize it, but the game save icon pops up in certain areas in the game, and she narrates how it hurts her head every time she looks at it. She also reiterates pleasant communications with her father Harry (the main character from the first game), letting him know she’s on her way home from the mall, and how she defends herself when Douglas follows her. Heather is ill equipped and establishes a fear effect after she encounters the first monster in the game and throughout the first couple of hours. Even her narration in various explorations shows this. The antagonist, Claudia, is one of the sources to Heather’s upbringing. She wishes for a better paradise in Silent Hill, but is blinded by the fact that innocent lives should be shed for her own religious beliefs is wrongful, however, she is correct about Heather as she understands she will reveal her true self when one of the missionary monsters kills Harry. Now, Heather is a child with a hidden past, but in order to adapt her maturity, she must prepare herself when she ventures back into Silent Hill (Born and raised until Harry takes her with him) and stops Claudia. A few disturbing clues to add also is the blood on Heather’s beige jacket, the coat hanger item she picks up in the game, Harry’s notebook on adopting Heather, and a regurgitated god before the final boss fight.
Now, Heather receives help from Douglas and Vincent, but it’s her memories and fears that accelerate her further. Just like in the Batman comics and movies, for example, the only way to overcome fear is to embrace it and let it thrive towards enemies. Heather has a fear of fire and mirrors (burned as Alyssa, and her own reality in a separate world), and fights her other self in the amusement park. She collects the lost memories and takes them as sign of recreation and mentality, knowing she has full confidence to stop the paradise nightmare. After she sees Harry’s corpse in the apartment, Heather falls into a state of denial, feeling stuck and not sure where to go. She defeats God, the final boss of the game, much like her father defeating the final boss from the first game, and showing she is now grown more aware of her survival and instincts. Tu fui, ego eris. “As you are, as I am: So you shall also be.”
And so, in a dangerous, unfair world, where mock-ups and restrictions keep those from handling the pressure of the real world, hiding in disguise seems like the only way to live with the hole dug deeper, until fear reawakens the truth and moving forward overcomes guilt and knocks down the door into a more clear division.