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Guys im tired of Namjoons videos always having the least amount of views! Like WHY???
So instead of standing in the corner and crying about how unappreciated Namjoon is I have come to ask ARMY for support.
All I ask is you help me raise the views on his "follow ver." Seriously it makes me sad just to think that most his fancams never reach the amount others do!
So if you must treat this as a MV and help me by raising Namjoons views. I just dont want him to think that he is underrated and I want him to see that us ARMY do love him. Even if I have to reach 300k plus by myself I will but I would appreciate if as a community we all come together to raise Namjoons views!
I know this is selfish of me to ask but I have to do something for him I see so many comments saying people say that he is the worst at dancing and its not true like half of the world cant even do this choreography!! Any who sorry for the rant! Please help spread the word! let us unite in helping the leader know he is loved!

#AppreciateNamjoon2k16 #DanceMonsterRevolution2k16

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every time I see a comment about him not being able to dance I shake my head. He CAN dance when it's choreographed by someone else. Free style is a different ball game, everything that everyone uses as an example is when he's asked to free style or from some other group.
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@DenieceSuit yeah but when he does free style or like someone else dance he is just having FUN he isnt even trying lol
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