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Annyeong! Reporter Taemi here and Today's theme is about medieval Korean attire! I will be talking about the certain hairstyles women wore and amazing accessories like jewelry, hair pins, and hats Koreans wore!

Here are some hairstyles Korean women wore.

*Meori means "hair"* Saeang Meori : •For unmarried women •For court ladies •Korean women wore this to enter the palace (for full dress) Daenggi: •Daenggi is a long and narrow cloth for woman. •It varies depending on size, shape and use, but usually is worn by unmarried girl's hair in braid. Doturak Daenggi: •For Babies Baessi Daenggi & Malttuk Daenggi: •For younger girls Jebiburi Daenggi :For unmarried women Jjok-jin Meori: •Basic style for married women Eoyeo Meori & Eonjeun Meori 1,2,& 3: •This was worn in the early Joseon Dynasty •Married women used very big and heavy wigs called "Gache". • Women thought that the higher and bigger wig means more beauty and power.

Korean Accessories

•Hair pins •Rings • Norigae is the most famous accessory of a Hanbok. For married, unmarried, common, or a noble lady.

Traditional Korean horse-hair hat

Gat , a traditional head gear for Joseon males. (From left to clockwise) Jangbogwan; Heukgeon ; Wongwan (Scholar’s headdress); Jeongjagwan (Men’s indoor headdress) (Korea University Museum)

* Credit to Glimja & AfterMoonrise from Deviantart *Credit to Pinerest

These were some pretty cool hairstyles and accessories! What do you think?

Reporter @parktaemi

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I wish I would have seen these sooner. I cut my hair and now it's short, I would have tried these hairstyles with my long hair. Now I can't wait for it to grow!!! ☺