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Let's end the week well.
Kookie, V, and Joonie are left!
Missed the beginning?
It was Jimin’s free day in what seemed like an eternity, and his immediate thought was spending all of it with you. When he told you about it you decided to get everything ready, preparing for him all his favorite snacks and drinks. You made your bed be the coziest place posible arranging your pillows, the coverts, blankets and throwing in some extra cushions just in case.
He had said he wanted to spent some quiet, quality time with you, not really wanting to go anywhere but instead stay inside. You of course understood him, it was a hectic rhythm of life the one he had to follow, so it was best to just rest and make the most out of a lazy day.
Jimin arrived at midday, and as he had already told you he had eaten lunch with the members, you had had lunch for yourself before, now it was time for dessert, which you had already planned.
Jimin entered your house and you jumped to his embrace, his strong arms surrounded you in a tight hug, you inhaled in his scent, clean and manly so much like Jimin.
-Y/N baby! I’m here, finally!-
You kissed his nose and returned the smile. -I’m happy-
Then his lips started covering you with butterfly kisses, starting on your forehead and temples and going down to your eyes, your nose and cheekbones, he kissed with a loud smack both of your cheeks and that made you giggle, he kissed your jaw tenderly and then he went to your chin, obviously neglecting your lips on purpose. You pouted and he grinned like a mischievous little kid.
-Jimin!- you whined.
He smiled more. -What? Do you want something?-
You crossed your arms and he laughed. -Alright, come here- he said but he was the one puling you closer, not being able to contain himself either. He took your chin and leaned in until your lips met in a sweet kiss.
Then you went to the kitchen where you had already prepared your dessert for today. He sat down, excitedly talking about lunch and about the week’s events, they had done the final round of promotions and everyone was happy with the successful album, you loved it. You served two cups of ice cream including little pieces of cookies and chocolate chips just as Jimin liked.
-This is delicious jagi, you can’t tell anyone though, I’m breaking the rules for you-
You rolled your eyes but smiled. -Dieting again?-
He pouted and then went for another spoonful of ice cream. -Yes, concerts are coming so…-
-It’s ok, a little bit of ice cream once in a while won’t hurt anyone-
Jimin smiled even wider and you continued eating until you finished your cups.
Shortly after you walked to your room to show Jimin everything you had prepared, enjoying his reaction.
-Jagi, you don’t know how much time I’ve been waiting for this- He threw himself on the mattress and rolled around like a puppy, you couldn’t help but giggle, why was he so cute?
-I’m glad you like it, I did it for you- You picked up the controllers from your night stand and sat next to Jimin. -I prepared something else- You turned on the TV so he could see that you had also set up the Xbox to have a video game match with him. -I’ll let you choose what we will play, I’m gonna win anyways-
Jimin smirked. -Don’t be so confident Y/N, I can beat you any day-
Jimin moved to sit down next you, leaning against the fluffy pillows and took one controller from your hands. He chose Fifa 2015 and then you went to choose your team.
The game was fun but you weren’t really focusing on it, Jimin was laughing and relaxing, cheering every time he scored and that was everything you had eyes for.
-That’s how it’s done! - he shouted, kneeling on the bed and bouncing on the mattress when he scored yet again and won extra points for it.
-Yeah, cheer all you want, this is just the beginning- you said daringly and he took your challenge seriously, you knew it because you could see he had a determinate expression now, he was focused, his eyes narrowed a little and his tongue poking out from the corner of his mouth.
The match carried on and as much and you wanted to really beat him you realized at some point that it wasn’t possible, Jimin still did all he could to score and score so he could cheer and show you that bright smile of his. At the end you lost but it also felt like a win because Jimin was happy and that was what you were aiming for.
You went for a second round of ice cream and grabbed a pack of chips, not sure if you should watch a movie or just switch channels randomly. So you simply made yourself comfortable against the pillows, snuggling as close as you could to JImin’s side with the cup of ice cream between your hands and the chips lying on both of your thighs along with the remote, balancing everything so nothing fell down and nothing spilled all over you.
-I’ll find us something to watch jagi - Jimin took the remote with his free hand and started to switch channels, taking spoonfuls of ice cream in between. You giggled each time he furrowed his brows annoyed to the lack of interesting programs to watch.
Resting the side of your head on his shoulder you called his attention. -Jiminie…-
-Yes babe? - his eyes were concentrated on the big screen.
You moved your head just the tiniest bit, enough for you to press your cold lips to the side of his neck for a chilly kiss. Jimin jumped a little and laughed, cringing slightly to the coldness and the feathery touch.
-Why don’t we watch a movie? - this time his eyes were on you when you spoke, and you smiled lightly.
-Does it means you have to get up to search for it?- You grinned and nodded so Jimin denied with his head. -Then no, I don’t want you leaving my side-
He kept on switching around the channels while you finished your ice cream but there wasn’t really something interesting on the TV so he lowered the volume and turned to you.
-I have a better idea- Jimin took both of your cups and placed them on the night stand, then he pulled the covers on top of you. -How about this?-
You giggled but still snuggled against his chest, his hands wrapped around your waist and you sighed contentedly.
-This is better- you said brushing your lips on his neck, making him shiver.
He caressed your back and your hair making you feel all fluffy and cozy, he kissed your eyelids lightly and you knew another round of butterfly kisses was starting; he then went for your nose giving it a little nip making you squeal.
He laughed and you tried to back away a little bit, but Jimin puller you closer once again, so you found yourself pressed against his chest for a second time. -Not getting away from me-
This time he kissed you full on the lips and you complied to his words, don’t even thinking of pulling apart from his loving embrace.


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