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You move the eggs off the cook-top and slide the pan into the oven on warm. Tiptoeing over to the bathroom door you can hear the water running and him singing. You have to smile at his choice of songs, “Shake it off” by Taylor Swift. You silently step inside the bathroom, turn and lock the door. Well, he was the one that talked the night before about fantasies. You’re still a little shy don’t understand why after the last two days. With a mischievous smile you suddenly pull back the curtain. He playfully shrieks like a little girl, covering his chest and privates. You smirk but will save the laughter for later, there’s already a possibility that the two of you will be late.
He rinses his hair under the spray, steps back and places you under the water.
“I was actually hoping this would happen,” he grins devilishly.
“I was taught to conserve water and time. This saves both.”
He lathers up his hands and starts washing your back, placing a kiss on your neck. “I approve. I’m all for conservation.”
You only ended up being 5 minutes late on this last day of filming. He had put eggs into a tortilla shell for you while you applied your make-up. You eat while he drives; you’ll never understand how he can inhale his food that fast. Then again, you’re pretty sure it has to do with little or no time to eat during schedules. There is a little ribbing from the guys when the two of you arrive but it's expected and you know they mean no harm.
At lunch Moonie snags you by the arm and drags you off.
“We had no time to talk yesterday, today you spill!”
He takes you outside to a lonely patch of grass and opens a bag, handing you a sandwich.
“What am I spilling? You haven’t given me a drink yet.” You smirk at him.
“Ha ha, darling girl you ain’t that funny.”
He reaches into his bag, pulls you out a soda and holds it just out of reach.
“Start talking.”
You shake your head, “What am I supposed to talk about?”
“For starters, why do you and Kyungil smell the same today.”
You raise an eyebrow, “You normally go around smelling people do you?”
“Honey, I dress him for this, of course I can smell him! And you always give off just this nice little whiff when you pass by.”
“Whiff? Am I a room deodorant?”
“A damn cute one if you are, now stop trying to change the subject!”
You sigh, “You and Jak; can no one have any privacy?”
“We just love you baby girl. Want to make sure that man is being good to you now. Although, I’d say he’s been REAL good the last couple of days, am I right? I’m right aren’t I?”
You bury your head in your lap, while your face turns beat red.
Moonie just fist bumps the air and grins like a fool.
“I don’t want sordid details; oh who am I kidding I DO! But I know you won’t give them to me.” He sniffs and waves his hand in front of his nose. “Since I dress and measure him, I don’t need physique imagery. Honey, you snagged a yummy fish! Can’t do much better than him.”
You moan, “I can’t believe we are having this conversation!”
He looks and chuckles, “Well technically, WE aren’t; I only hear me over here blabbing away to myself about all your man’s hotness.”
You nod and take a sip of the soda, “Good. Let’s keep it that way.”
As you go to take another sip, a shadow falls over your little patch of grass.
“This is where you’re hiding!’
You look up to find Kyungil, who crouches down by you and Moonie. He reaches over and you automatically hand him your soda for a swig.
“What are you two doing out here? Are you trying to make the moves on my woman Moonie man?”
Moonie laughs, “Boy, if I swung that way she’d have been mine long before she was yours! You could take lessons.”
Kyungil nods in agreement, shifting to sit down, then lay down with his head in your lap.
Your hand instantly goes up to start smoothing his hair back and his eyes close.
“I’m happy right where I am thanks.”
Moonie rolls his eyes, “Was there something you wanted?”
He cracks his eyes open smidgeon to look at Moonie, “Yep. Found it too, thanks.”
Moonie sighs, picks up the garbage and stands up to head inside.
“Don’t you two be late again.”
Kyungil holds his phone up, “Got it covered thanks!”
I love Moonie! And the little moments together are the best parts with my man. Yummy and sweet!
Yup gotta love Moonie! There's no getting around him! lol The all knowing and all seeing Moonie! haha!😂😂
Moonie my man 😂😂😂
I need a friend like Moonie 😂