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Take a look at these remarkable before and after photos. These looks were created by professional cosmetologist and makeup artist, Johanna Louise (@JoLouiseBeauty on Insta).
What I love MOST about these transformations is that the girls' natural beauty and facial features were enhanced and not diminished. There are tons of makeup before and afters out there that, when you see them, you're shocked that it's even the same person. That's because so often, the natural beauty is completely whitewashed.
Not cool.
What do you think of using makeup to enhance your natural features?
Actually I apply makeup to enhance my natural features everyday. I do this everyday when I go to work. Then when I go out, I'll play around with it more.
Gorgeous. Especially the 4th one
Definitely agreed with @jordanhamilton. The first girl's makeup is great but I love the brows of the second girl!
Wow!! They all look amazing. Especially the first girl.
Wow, they are beautiful with and without makeup! Especially the last one馃憣
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